Angela Easterling “Mon Secret”

Angela Easterling - Mon Secret

Angela Easterling, Mon Secret Album Design

Client:Angela Easterling

Title:Digipak and CD-screen design

Description: A proper francophile Angela Easterling has diligently studied the french language for years. This is her french music debut, fulfilling a dream of hers several years in the making! The cover photo by Jen Holloway set the tone, particularly the fab blue wool coat. Something about it looks positively French Chic. Paired with a ghost of old love letters from her grandfather W. Harold Hammett from decades before, vintage art noveau print ornaments, and 1/2 of a sunset view taken with my 1939 stereo camera, together do a lovely design make.

Luna eco-wallet and cd-screen

Luna eco-wallet and cd-screen

Luna eco-wallet and cd-screen

Client:Danny Rasmussen
Description: Eco wallet and cd-screen package
Illustrator:Eco wallet outside panels painted by Paul Lajeunesse

Danny Rasmussen is an up and coming singer/songwriter living in the Faroes Islands. After discussing Danny’s concept for his EP I decided to call the painter Paul Lajeunesse to illustrate the cover. Known for his painting’s of the Icelandic landscape, I felt confidant his aesthetic was the perfect choice. The final cover painting is stark yet appropriately melancholy. I designed the textures for the inside panels and executed the typography. The cd-screen was based on a lunar photo altered with painterly textures to echo the inside panels and tone of the project. The logo with the eclipse/moon phase reference is partly composed of Danny’s own handwriting. The moon phases reference the passing of time and change. Both occur in the process of writing and recording music, or pursuing any personal creative project with patience come to think of it.

Summer Soulstice Party Poster

Summer Soulstice Private Engagement

Client:Jennifer Gibbons (aka FunkyJenn)
Project Name:Summer Soulstice
Description:Illustrated and designed to promote a private engagement to celebrate several notable and upcoming Americana Artists in the Los angeles area.

Earning Her Wings Digipak, CD Screen, and Download Cards

Earning Her Wings Digipak and CD-Screen

Client:Angela Easterling
Project Name:Earning her Wings
Description: 4 panel digipak, CD-screen, and digital download card design.

Angela Easterling a rising star in No Depression Country Music came to me to both photograph and design her debut release. It was great fun to have full creative control of all of the assets and design. Angela is as lovely in real life as she looks here.