Promotional Collaborations
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Promotional Collaborations

Local Small Business Promotion

Greenway Arts Alliance has a history of supporting and collaborating with local businesses within the Fairfax Avenue and Melrose Avenue districts and beyond.

If you are looking to promote a local small business that doesn’t sell the merchandise on our vendor lists, you are eligible for our Promotional Pop-Up Pricing.  Local businesses can choose from low-cost promotional pop-up opportunities at the market for one or more Sundays. Small businesses eligible for these sponsorships must be located in Los Angeles, should support their local community, and should follow respectful and mindful business practices.

Email Natalie at to receive our Promotional Pop-Up Packet and to inquire about qualifications and available dates.  Promotional opportunities include a space in the market, marketing materials in the market, and social media features.

Experiential Promotions

The Melrose Trading Post is held every Sunday, and we like to keep it interesting.  We connect with artists, organizations, community members, local businesses, green businesses and pr firms to bring unique promotional experiences to the market.

If your business is based in the arts, is a larger company, or if you’re from a pr firm representing a large company, email Natalie at a promotional collaboration proposal that will work within the market’s event space.  Come to the market prior to proposing a collaboration so you can see the campus layout and experience the ambiance.

We love working with creative people who are making a positive impact in our community.