Fairfax High School & College Student Opportunities
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Fairfax High School & College Student Opportunities

Fairfax High School & Local College Student Opportunities


Fairfax High Students

Greenway offers Fairfax students a wide array of jobs, paid internships, and volunteer opportunities through the Melrose Trading Post, Greenway Court Theatre and Greenway’s Institute for the Arts. To be considered for a position, Fairfax students must fill out an application; have at least a 2.5 GPA, a work permit and a letter of recommendation from a Fairfax teacher or school administrator. Positions are available year-round but most students are hired at the beginning of the school year.

Event  Staff

Available Job Positions

We are currently hiring student event staff from Fairfax High School.

Greenway Arts has made on-campus announcements with information on how to apply, our orientation and open house events, where you can learn more about student opportunities.

email: JMiddleton@greenwayarts.org for more information.

College Student Opportunities

Summer Internship 2019

Greenway Arts Alliance participates in the Los Angeles County Arts Internship Program.

The summer internships for 2019 have been filled.  

Thank you to all of our awesome applicants!