Vendor Business Resources
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Vendor Business Resources

Resources for MTP Vendors, Entrepreneurs & Small Business

Greenway Arts Alliance is dedicated to helping small businesses empower themselves to grow and develop with the market and beyond. Each section has resources for vendors dedicated to growing and improving their business strategies. Our Youtube Channel has a list of videos that are also great resources for small business management.

Resources for Doing Business in Los Angeles

Continued Learning Resources

Marketing And Business Strategy Resources

Download the Vendor Handbook and map

Vendor Insurance

The Melrose Trading Post requires proof of insurance from vendors in order to continue booking spaces after their second time selling at MTP. We have partnered with Anthony Insurance Services to work with our vendors to get insurance coverage at a low cost. They email our team as soon as a vendor purchases insurance through these specific links.

The coverage on these insurance certificates meet the minimum requirements set forth by the Los Angeles Unified School District’s vendor operating on campus.

Six Months of Coverage

(Minimum Requirement for Non-Permanent Vendors)

One Year of Coverage

(Minimum Requirement for Permanent Vendors)

Marketing Tools

Request MTP Postcards

Vendors can request MTP event postcards from anyone on the vendor team (Natalie, Patrick, Ash or James).

Bring them to other events to promote your booth at MTP.

Download & Use the MTP Logo

Download the Melrose Trading Post Logo here

MTP is on the following social media platforms.

Instagram & Facebook are our most popular social media sites.

On Instagram

  1. Tag @MelroseTradingPost: in photos taken at MTP Fairfax, photos of your booth, photos of happy customers.
  2. We share images from the Hashtags: #MTPfairfax, #MelroseTradingPost, #PeopleofMTP, #DogsofMTP, #FleaMarketFind #ShopLocalLA #MusicofMTP #FoodofMTP

On Twitter

  1. Tag @MTPfairfax: in photos and posts at MTP Fairfax.
  2. Use the Hashtags: #MTPfairfax and #MelroseTradingPost

We use Twitter through Instagram, or tweet out announcements, sales, booth numbers, photos, etc.

On Facebook

  1. Check-In to @Melrose Trading Post when you arrive.
  2. Use the Hashtags: #MTPfairfax and #MelroseTradingPost
  3. Post Photos, Promote Sales, Keep up Announcements of your whereabouts
  4. Tag your photo location as Melrose Trading Post.
  5. Make sure you “Like” the Melrose Trading Post Page
  6. Vendors can join the Melrose Trading Post Business Community Group


  • On Sundays, large banners are up along the perimeter of the campus facing Melrose and Fairfax Avenues.
  • Since June 2017, 12 street pole banners featuring Greenway Arts Alliance’s programs are posted along Melrose Avenue from Fairfax Avenue to Curson Street.
  • Greenway Court Theatre proudly displays the MTP logo on Fairfax Avenue.
  • Publications we advertise with or have been featured in include: Amoeba’s Biannual Magazine, “Music We Love,” San Fernando Valley Business Journal, LA Times, Daily News, West Coast Peddler, The Acorn, LA Weekly, RoundUp News, Huffington Post, and more.
  • We utilize many popular online publications such as,, Yelp, RackedLA, Daily Candy, Discover Los Angeles, Lonely Planet,, GuidePal, and more.
  • MTP Vendor Team offers free flyers for vendors to pass out.
  • Our social media accounts are thriving! Make sure to connect with @MTPFairfax or @MelroseTradingPost! We are using social media accounts to help promote vendors throughout the week and on market days. Add us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Yelp!
  • Search our favorite Hashtags for awesome collections of market photos: #MTPfairfax, #PeopleofMTP #FoodofMTP, and #DogsofMTP