It’s true the leader of The Axis of Eva, is yours truly

however, I do contract a host of professionals from marketing to developers to copywriters. What you didn’t think I do all of this myself did you?!

Respecting Budgets and Honoring Skill

We can help you find the best solution for the budget you have available.

That whole adage about fast, cheap and good is 100% true. You get two of the three at any given time. Fast and cheap you probably aren’t making an investment but cutting corners. Fast and good it’s going to cost you. Cheap and good means it’s not happening on any kind of schedule a business should be on. What’s it all add up to? Return on Investment, that means in short will what you invest have a value proposition to your business? The ROI equation is different for every business and project.

The same goes for the professionals working on your project. The most you’ll ever get is someone who can pull off two of the three. We are all about good, no scratch that we are about great at the Axis of Eva. We believe in providing the best professional for the job. However we are also pragmatists and truly believe in the aforementioned ROI equation. You probably aren’t ready to spring for that silicon valley rockstar for your emerging product, but we’ll find someone just as passionate as you are about that product.

Core Services

  • Branding and Identity Design

    Know who you are and why you matter.

    Ultimately a successful brand can only come to fruition when it emerges from who you are and who you want to be. Branding is about function. It requires an understanding of the competition, client and culture of the business it represents. A logo alone won’t necessarily lead to a return on investment. A well executed brand tells your clients what they can expect from your products and/or services and infroms them on what sets your business apart from the competition. The building blocks of a brand are the logo, collateral, messaging, website and any other asset you use in your business to communicate with your clients.

  • CMS Customization, Development and Maintenance

    There are a litany of CMS platforms. We do a great deal of WordPress, joomla and shopify development to name a few. From ground up projects  — to security hardening — to custom development on existing properties.

    Did you know, WordPress powers over 25% of web properties! We look forward to consulting with you about how the right CMS might serve your business.

  • Consumer Packaging Design

    Packaging is one of the most challenging of all graphic design disciplines. It requires structural assesment,  adherence to strict retail criteria and even vendor print management. Whether you are developing a new product brand through to final packaging or just working within your existing brand framework to update your current packaging, we can help.