Responsive Website

Title: Matta Napkin Book & Website Design

Client: John Matta


John Matta is a Comedian, Writer and he writes hilarious comic … on napkins. 🙂 “Matta Napkin A Daily Comic … On a Napkin … in a book” is 80 pages of John’s original cartoons. I designed the book around a diner theme. Accompanying the book launch I also designed a website for both John’s comics and the book launch.

The website palette was chosen to facilitate a fresh, inviting personal brand experience.

  • I chose a bright teal and built out a color story for each section of the website. Teal for hotels, a punchy golden orange for food, a warm sage for style, a deeper teal for travel and a golder version of the orange for 8 Great.
  • Informational travel sites are big on the color green and dark blue so the goal was to put Stef on a brighter more youthful path for brand direction, which included her wordmark in the brand teal and light gray.

A sought-after spokesperson, Michaels has a long list of television accolades, which include: travel and social media expert for E! Entertainment’s That Morning Show; Access Hollywood’s travel personality; guest correspondent for The Insider; special guest on the Rachael Ray Show; and a contributor on CNN and FOX News networks.

As a journalist, Michaels has contributed to Women’s Health & Fitness, Elite Traveler, Self, and People Magazine, as well as numerous online outlets such as,, The New York Times and CNN, and Yahoo Travel.

In addition to being named #1 in Forbes’ 20 Most Branded Women on Twitter, Michaels has been featured in American Airlines’ American Way Magazine, Vanity Fair, TIME, USA Today’s Woman Magazine, Enroute, Glamour Magazine, and Marie Claire.

Several years later with minor updates the site functions as well as the day it launched. It continues to grow as the staff contines to learn more about content management.


Headers are set in Josefin Slab and Lato for body copy. Both open source google fonts in an effort to manage budget. The thin slab serif adds an anchored touch of modern sensibility that before was dominated by stuffy traditional serif text on the old version of the website.

Matta Napkin Homepage