Good Neighbor USA Infographic sample


Title: Annual Report

Client: Good Neighbors USA

Description: Good Neighbors is an international, humanitarian, and development NGO working to improve lives, especially children’s lives, through education, food, shelter, community development, medical care, advocacy and emergency relief in 27 developing countries around the world. They requested an annual report design, that was more airy than the prior year which was set on a black flood with copious amounts of reverse type.

Inspired by the bowl on the front cover I echoed the circular shape throughout the document.

  • This allowed for both data compartmentalization and added negative space to the pages.
  • A half dozen charts and graphs where custom designed to reflect the color and tone of the brand.
  • The project leans heavily on an impressive group of photos taken by Good Neighbors staff on charity missions.
  • The document is bright, encourages engagement and is representative of the culture at Good Neighbors.

Although not seen here I also built an accompanying style guide for future projects to pass on to other vendors and maintain unity across all assets.