Anya Ivanova Business Card 2011

Anya Ivanova Business Card

Client:Anya Ivanova

Title:Business Card Design

Description: Anya is a gifted Pianist. Classically trained she performs often in Los Angeles, teaches and has even instructed a few students in the Russian language which she is fluent in. Most recently she garnered a co-producing credit on international piano sensation Carter Larsen’s new album. Anya and I talked at length about this first step into her rebrand. Many of the key points that kept surfacing were location centric. The two most notable of those being her Russian Homeland and her newly adopted home for over 10 years, Los Angeles. I introduced Anya to the work of the work of several Russian avant garde visual artists and she was immediately drawn to the work of one of my personal favorites El Lissitzky. To that end I paid homage with color and dynamism to El in the typographic treatments for her name including the symbolism/design of the black and white keys, staff on the front, and the emerging piano on the back. At the same time I incorporated decidedly modern allusions to LA culture. From the (in this case sea birds) birds taking flight, which are often associated with the freedom/soaring nature of music, to the warm toned distressed paper. Also of note is the typeset for the phone number, echoing a far east sentiment. Which certainly may sound incongruous, until you recall we are echoing the spirit of life in Los Angeles which is hyper-focused on practices like yoga and eastern spirituality both of which Anya takes an interest in. The birds on the back and the paper texture equally tie into this sentiment. At the end I hope we have achieved a cultural lenticular of sorts between homage to Anya’s Russian homeland and pursuit of of a new kind of creative life here on the west coast. Typefaces include Greg Hutchinson’s Badloc and Univers designed by Frutiger. I’m aware that both post date El Lissitzky by a fair margin. I feel confident he would have found badloc interesting despite the novelty as it’s meant to be more a graphic element here. Now the mechanical numbering system of Univers, that I’m certain would have been right up his alley. In any case it’s a nod to El and I hope the choices are interpreted as such.