Initial ADBC Research Document

Final Style Guide Deliverable

Title: Identity and Brand Strategy

Client: Arts District Brewing Company

Description: In collaboration with CauseConnect® I developed the brand strategy and design for Arts District Brewing Company. Initial interviews with the client brought several points of inspiration but most notably the original rail lines that ran through downtown Los Angeles. After beginning initial research we decided very early on to bring on master type artist Peter Greco to inform the process of developing letterforms.

As a team we have worked together before which is an enormous asset to expediting projects like the ADBC work which was on a fast track. A cornerstone of the partnership between CauseConnect, Peter Greco and myself is research. Which is, early on my primary role. To identify when appropriate historical context as it relates to the clients mission and approach. The research found inspirational details in everything from the buttons on rail conductor uniforms, the local art scene and even the top of a classic wooden beer barrel. In this case as you’ll see in the initial proposal the research lead our team down a few key paths.

  • The classic railroad “herald” style mark and because ADBC was to feature gaming prominently in the space the “tokens” used to the board those original downtown trains. This was of course a prefect reference to the token you would also receive in an arcade.
  • The Arts District culture of fostering artists in particular exceptional street artists known for their murals.
  • And finally a streamline modern direction that was a direct reference to the later years of streetcars that ran through downtown Los Angeles.

Research was key to striking a meaningful balance between the history of downtown Los Angeles and the modern culture of the neighborhood.

One of the details we most enjoy as a team about this project is the little details. Not only does the round shape and border treatment reference the top of beer barrel but also the tracks the trains ran on in downtown LA. And as a nod to that rail culture which brought downtown los angles to life we really believe the mark would have been right at home on one of those beautiful streamline modern cars.

Color though conservative was a direct nod as well to Martin’s Beer which while not a Los Angeles brewery was nevertheless a benchmark of 1940’s beer can design! Really it’s beautiful I promise.