6 panel digipak, cd screen, and download card for Blacktop Road

Title: Black Top Road

Client: Angela Easterling

Description: Angela’s family has been battling against the government to keep their family farm for the last several years. Rich with history and memories dating back to 1877 their family lost part of that battle as the road featured in these photos was paved through it in early 2009. So the first battle may have been lost but no war is made of one battle. Onwards Angela and family keep fighting the good fighWith great pride I bring to you Angela Easterling’s Sophmore Album, Black Top Road. Truly a labor of love for all parties involved. Featuring the stellar photography of Coke Whitworth.

  • All of the panel backgrounds were created from scans of vintage paper, ephemera and family photos. It’s very much meant to represent the discarded elements found on the side of the road. The asphalt behind the papers was from photographs of an actual fresh bit of blacktop. It’s also worth noting the sheet music was written by family member and was scanned so we could reference it.
  • I also built a series of templates so Angela could hand write text for the lyrics and her dedication. While we tried an initial formal typeset for everything it was clear this solution was inappropriate and the project needed a more personal touch.
  • The headlines and titles are a combination of Stephen Miggas typefaces for Aerotype. “Sluicebox”, “Thunderhouse” and “Derailer”. These distressed woodblock designs were versatile  and and had several interesting alternate characters. They are set in yellow to also reference the lines and directional words painted on streets.
  • The distressed letterforms inspired the cd-cover and I extrapolated that maybe some city worker had a very bad doing roadwork and splashed some of that yellow paint around.
  • Note this rendering is imperfect the type is definitely not set that close to the edge of the disc!