Beverly Hills School of Music Branding

Website, logo and business cards

Title: Branding including: Logo Design, Business Card, WebsiteWebsite and Logo Refresh and Style guide

Client: Beverly Hills School of Music

Description: The Beverly Hills School of Music was started By Pierre Andre Lowenstein. Pierre Andre was born and educated in Paris including studies in Jazz Composition at the American School of Modern Music and Film Scoring at the legendary Berklee College of Music. Pierre has a passion for bringing the gift of music to young people.

The school would teach not only children but adults so it was imperative the brand bridge the divide between an adult brand and kid friendly. In initial discussions it was discussed at length that the aesthetic the Beverly Hills School of Music brand also needed to convey a few key points.

  • sophisticated
  • european
  • classic
  • wit and charm
  • knowledge

Initially we investigated turn of the century etchings that would suit the brand. These resulted in several staid, overly conservative solutions. In the exploration process I devised the flip top heads. Just like the educators of BH School of Music the dapper character in one of those early explorations now clearly conveyed a head of music knowledge, at the same time we kept our classic aesthetic and the Terry Gilliam style wit rounded out the original objectives.

The kids as predicted also loved the absurdity of the flip top heads. To keep it from being a complete farce I counterbalanced the illustration with a revival turn of the century typeface called “Billhead” from Letterhead. Modeled after classic letterheads from turn of the century “billhead” add the traditional touches needed to anchor the illustration and keep the period style.

The website is a customized WordPress framework. Minimal, sophisticated, easily updated with new content by the client it was the ideal solution for a small business startup. An accompanying style guide for future projects to pass on to other vendors and maintain unity across all assets.

editors note: BH School of Music closed a few years ago but taught many students and adults in it’s successful run before the owner decided to move on to other ventures.