Brian Spence, On the Mend

Brian Spence, “On the Mend”

Client:Brian Spence

Title:Digipak and CD-screen design

Description: “On the Mend” is the debut release from Americana artist, Brian Spence. The album is full of incredibly honest songwriting. Honesty almost always means pain. Pain to find it and painful while you mend from the truth. Brian’s album immediately reminded me of stitches. Stitches going in, stitches coming out and sometimes just stitches unraveling. We kept the pastoral photo of the sea for the cover.The image was Brian’s choice and spoke to him and his concept. I used the interior to tie a visual analogy between the sun rays to the radial made of sewing needles. I also “unraveled” the type on the disk and on the interior titles. While the rest of the typography is formal, to me the strength of this debut, experimental for Brian and I, is in the concept and the visual analogies. I look forward to working with Brian again so we can explore more thoughtful journeys.