Business Card, Luther Gerlach, Photography, Wet Plate Collodian
Client: Luther Gerlach

Title: 2010 Business Card

Description: Standard size Business Card coverstock UV coating front only

Design for Luther Gerlach’s 2010 business cards, Luther is one of my greatest inspirations. Master printer, expert on the wet plate collodian process, and the first fifty years of photography. Featured in countless magazines, regular “Artist at Work” demonstrator at the famed Los Angeles Getty Museum of Art and exhibited nationwide, I am always humbled to work in his presence. The front image on this card is a scan from one of his signature wet plate collodian images. Prominently featuring his beloved young daughter Amelie there are no photographic tricks employed to make the massive plate. The now largest wet plate camera in the world is true to scale positioned next to Amelie. A wonder in the world of modern photography. Luther is a modern photographer using historical techniques to create his work. Ergo the new card typeface the classic eternally modern “Gotham” reflects the same classically modern sensibilities of Luther’s work often overlooked by those who have worked for him in the past.