Poster and Handbill for 2016 Melrose Music Series

Title: Poster and Handbill for MTP Music Series

Client: Greenway Arts Alliance/Melrose Trading Post

Description: Through admission and vendor fees, the Melrose Trading Post has grown to become the most successful ongoing social enterprise program in the history of Los Angeles Unified School District, awarding grants to Fairfax High School organizations for sports equipment, beautification projects, teacher programs, theatre productions, and more. MTP making it’s weekly event a destination for seeing Los Angeles Musicians perform outdoors on a weekly basis. Now in 2016, the music programming is growing to include an eclectic mix of local bands.

The key objective with these assets was to give MTP a springboard to promote their music series.

  • Color palette chosen primarily for the Valentines holiday in February.
  • Type and textures developed to echo the brand culture of MTP which appreciates artisan and bespoke goods.
  • The reference to vinyl in the illustration is to appeal not only to collector market space but the youth orientated music demographic of MTP.
  • A system designed to allow MTP to set the entertainment names for the next few months of programming into the format for both a handbill and poster.
    1. MTP is a Creative Cloud member so all fonts for the alternate templated version use CC and google typefaces.
    2. An alternate “cassette version was also supplied and will be released later in the season.

It’s our hope that market and local artists will be contracted to design future posters.