Ward 13 Website

Peter Cornwell Personal Brand Website

Title: Website Redesign for Ward 13 Film
and Personal Brand Website

Client: Film Director Peter Cornwell

Description: Peter Cornwell is an award winning director best known for his feature film The Haunting In Connecticut, which grossed nearly eighty million dollars worldwide, and propelled him to the top of the list of hot new directors.

Cornwell needed two web properties.  The first his own personal brand website, the second a site refresh for his classic, award winning, stop motion film “Ward 13”.

ward13.com.au | petercornwell.com

While Ward 13 had a website it was dated and difficult to update. With Peter beginning the process of pitching the feature length version of Ward 13 to producers it was critical this not only be updated but be flexible. The project anticipated altering the content and overall presentation as the financing process progressed

  • First we updated the actual brand mark of Ward 13 for the feature length version.
  • I set Peter up with a website CMS that allows him to add or remove content as needed including images and documents
  • As the project progresses he’ll be able to include document downloads and instruction for crew, financiers and anyone else involved in the project using password protected content pages.
  • In the future it will also fluidly adapt to added media content while in production and it has the ability syndicate that content to social media to engage the public.
  • Typography is composed of Josefin Sans for headlines and Helvetica Neue for body copy. Typically I wouldn’t use two san serifs together but Josefin is not particularly suitable for body copy and Helvetica Neue is fairly neutral in this usage so it doesn’t create conflict with the headlines. It should be noted the art deco style of Josefin Sans was directly influenced by the production design of Ward 13.

Peter also needed a personal branded website to feature not only his enviable body of work but to also give him a place to engage the public as he is in production with new projects. The features are very similar to Ward 13 but are focused on

  • Typography is composed of Roboto Slab for headlines and Lato for body copy. These two google fonts play particuarly well with one another and allowed type hierarchies to be set up relatively effortlessly. I particularly like the grounded weighty feel of Roboto Slab for the headlines.
  • Color choices were informed by the clients aesthetic.
  • As projects evolve the site will expand to include project updates and social media engagement via syndication.

All in all these two properties are a stepping stone to a larger professional presence as well as being a solid communication tool Peter Cornwell can add to his arsenal.