Plaza De La Raza before logo

Original Mark

After Plaza De La Raza Logo

Refreshed Mark

Plaza De La Raza

Website Design


Title: Website, Logo Refresh and Style Guide

Client: Plaza De La Raza

Description: Plaza De La Raza a collaboration with CauseConnect® (who managed marketing) while I designed the website and refreshed the brand mark. They had a dated website that was piecemeal and difficult to update and a logo that had potential but lacked the sophistication and necessary hierarchy. The identity refresh is an excellent case study. It illustrates the dramatic difference a meaningful type, color choice and thoughtful design can have.


501C’s have a difficult time managing assets including websites. In an effort to make that process more manageable I moved Plaza’s website to a CMS allowing them to edit and add content and images easily. Most charitable organizations have a rotating cast of new volunteers so the odds they will be able to maintain assets depends on that ease.

The goal was to devise a more functional system for the identity while at the same time better representing the organization.

  • The original mark was heavy, lacked balance and focused heavily on a very period specif typeface.
  • I revised the sun vector to give it more weight, and introduced second more appropriate color. (The client requested we keep the sun as it had become so easily identified with the organization)
  • I also updated the tone of the red to be more warm red instead of the original cool red the overall effect being a much more inviting tone appropriate for a community organization.
  • I reset the type for Plaza De La Raza focusing on the word Plaza. Originally the focal point of the mark was the word Raza which is decidedly incorrect. It’s the beautiful grounds including a lake and beautiful traditional Mission buildings of Plaza de la Raza east of downtown Los Angeles that are it’s draw for the public.

In the after you can see the the introduction of the typeface Espinoza Nova, designed by Cristóbal Henestrosa, an award typographer who makes his home in Mexico City. The typeface is a revival face based on Antonio de Espinosa the most important Mexican printer of the Sixteenth century. Of course there is much more to read on Cristóbal and Antonio on the final page of the style guide. As a self professed type lover I recommend it!