Ryan Schmidt Digipak Design


Title: Ryan Schmidt

Client: Black Sheep Run, Digipak and disc design

Description: Digipak and cd-screen Design for Ryan Schmidt.

Ryan Schmidt is well aware and is often inspired by analogue, image and sound alike. To that end his first request was to manipulate a single digital image. It needed light leaks, dust, and faded colors. My goal was to evoke that feeling of picking up a vintage photo at a swap meet. To me these images are always oddly poignant. Why were they lost or left behind? The lost image concept was applied to all of the photos on the package.

  • Digital photos heavily manipulated to replicate analogue image anomalies. (that traditional photo education sure comes in handy once in a while! the effects are plausible damage often seen in poorly stored or film toy camera images)
  • The rust texture I developed for the background reinforces the illusion that these images have been here a while. Are you opening up an old metal box from an attic, maybe a rusted out locker? In the stack are scraps of paper and notes.
  • I illustrated the hand-drawn title on the cover.
  • Aside from Ryan’s handwritten contribution in the interior the dominant typeface was departure for me. It’s called “Blur” designed by Neville Brody in 1991 a full 19 years ago! Why use this 90’s vintage face for a new artist?
    • One it evokes exactly what the name of the face implies, it’s just out of focus and a bit disorientating. As we make out the letters we hope to find focus, maybe a story to be found with this group of lost objects.
    • Second this typeface was designed in the era of grunge and radar magazine, anyone that’s a generation X’er will appreciate the homage to what was our own version of anti-establishment anthems. Ryan is of a new generation and in this album he tips his hat to his roots in more ways than one.

I also built an accompanying style guide for future projects to pass on to other vendors and maintain unity across all assets. This is a notification of some sort.