My role in the below was to conceptualize and animate all of the below pieces. Software used include After Affects, Adobe Animate and Photoshop. As is typical much of this work adheres to the strictest brand guidelines. With considerably more creative freedom allowed for the Jack in the Box, Populuxe, Kalin's birthday invite and Authentik holiday message.
TIDAL Digital Campaigns
Digital ad Campaigns for Tidal. Strict adherence to both TIDAL and artist guidelines were critical.
Cause Girl
The CauseGirl brand had both immediate needs like assets to launch the podcast and blog as well as providing brand projections for additional verticals in the project including subscription services for physical and digital products. The podcast is now moving into season 2 and maintains a 4.9 star rating!
Matta Napkin Book & Website
John Matta is a Comedian, Writer and he writes hilarious comic … on napkins. :) "Matta Napkin A Daily Comic … On a Napkin … in a book" is 80 pages of John's original cartoons. I designed the book around a diner theme. Accompanying the book launch I also designed a website for both John's comics and the book launch.
ARC54 Studios Website
Christina Craemer's ARC54 studio site, is a minimal responsive development built with a CMS to highlight her career accomplishments and attract new clients.
Stremmel House Website
The Stremmel House website is a responsive, 1 page parallax website. It's design was to showcase both the extraordinary Stremmel House and it's stunning features to prospective buyers.
Adventure Girl Website & Brand Design
Visual Branding, Case Studies document design and Responsive website build for Stefanie Michales, also known as Adventure Girl. One of the leaders in social media engagement as well as travel expertise she's earned criss-crossing the globe.
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